The history of Wellspect HealthCare goes back to an old chainsaw factory in the early 1980s. That’s where our company started. Much of the factory stayed as it was. One space was transformed from an industrial workshop into a place clean enough to serve as a makeshift laboratory. Until the 1980s, mainly residence catheters or so-called dry PVC catheters were used for catheterization of the bladder. The first option did not infrequently lead to serious complications.

For the user, the second option was a painful and time-consuming procedure. There was clearly a need for something better and work was done in the laboratory. Jan Utas and his colleague Håkan Melander conducted the first tests that would eventually produce the world’s first hydrophilic catheter, LoFric®. The research couple worked tirelessly on the first functional option for Clean Intermittent Catheterization (CIC).

Before the optimal, definitive solution was found (the so-called Urotonic™ Surface Technology), the catheter was first subjected to various tests. On the basis of these tests, LoFric was introduced in August 1983. LoFric® Sense™, LoFric® Origo™ and LoFric® Hydro-Kit™ are currently leading products in the CIC market.

Compared to the time in the chainsaw factory, our facilities have changed considerably these days. However, our drive has remained unchanged. Wellspect invented CIC technology: no one in this sector knows more about it than we do. We have learned that bladder problems often go hand in hand with intestinal problems; think of constipation and/or fecal incontinence. We have analysed the existing solutions to intestinal problems. This led to the introduction of Navina™ Systems in 2016; part of this is the first truly mobile and electronically supported intestinal rinse system. Performing an intestinal rinse independently is now also possible for people with limited hand function. This reduces the dependence on carers or caregivers and can improve the quality of life and through effective therapy. Our product development department has worked hard and in 2018 both LoFric Hydro-Kit and LoFric Sense will be available in a modernized appearance. Based on feedback from usage(st)ers, specific product properties have also been adapted for the better. However, the old and familiar concept has remained; the unique Urotonic Surface Technology, which best served the health of the urethra as well as possible.

The Navina Systems intestinal flushing system has been expanded since the beginning of 2018 with a rectal catheter suitable for children aged 3 years and a conus for people who do not tolerate or want to use rectal catheter. By continuing to take into account the needs of users and acting accordingly, we can help more people to be full in life.

At Wellspect, we are all convinced of our vision: a world in which problems with the urinary tract or intestines do not have to stand in the way of a free life. We strive to be of great significance to everyone who needs our products and services every day.

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