December 21, 2020

Virtual HandbikeBattle training race 7 February

Sunday 7 February 2021 at 4 p.m. we will organize the first virtual HandbikeBattle training race. This training competition is organized at Zwift and lasts one hour. To participate, you need a bicycle (smart) trainer, such as a Tacx (with Bluetooth and / or Ant + link) that your handbike can use, and a subscription to Zwift.

If you have a bike trainer and Zwift, follow on Zwift HandbikeBattle Ingrid . Only then can we invite you to participate in the virtual HandbikeBattle training competition.

The training match starts exactly at 4 p.m., so make sure you are already present at Zwift before then. Unfortunately, people who are online later can no longer participate. We hope that everyone who has the right equipment will join on February 7th. If this is a success, we plan to organize virtual HandbikeBattle training and competitions more often. So join us!

Info bicycle trainer & Zwift
If you have a smart trainer, Zwift can automatically regulate the resistance. When you go up the mountain in Zwift, with a smart trainer you feel that you have to pedal harder and also shift gears. If you use Zwift with a classic bike trainer (read: non-smart trainer ) then you need a speed sensor. Most smart trainers use ANT + and / or Bluetooth to connect to the PC / laptop / Tablet / phone your Zwift is running on.

Watch videos and information about hand biking on a bicycle trainer and with Zwift .

You can try Zwift for free for 7 days. After that, the subscription costs 14.99 euros per month and can be canceled per month ( ). If you don’t use it in the summer, you can pause or stop the subscription.