Rehabilitation teams

The team participants are (former) rehabilitates who participate with teams of the Dutch rehabilitation centres. They compete for the title of the fastest team, but the participants also participate in the individual classification.

The rehabilitation centres set up a team themselves. Such a team consists of 4-6 participants. A maximum of two participants are allowed to participate who have participated once before. Each team may add two participants (class H1 or H2only) who use electric support, provided that 4 participants remain to count in the team classification. The team member with the E-bike does not count for the team performance, but has his/her own challenge and ranking.

Each participant is required to cycle up with a buddy. The buddy is not allowed to cycle in a handbike because he can’t intervene quickly enough if necessary.

Registration, payment, classification and medical screening are arranged through the guidance of the rehabilitation centres. The participants have to fill out their Sportvitalit file themselves. They received the login details for this via e-mail in early December.

Registration fee
The registration fee for the teams includes:

  • stay at the hotel
  • competition participation (care posts and medical support)
  • Classification
  • race tenue (competition shirt)
  • finisher shirt.

If a team participant fails, the team may replace the participant. We charge 15 euros of administration fees per replaced team participant.

Scientific research
All new team participants are approached to participate in the HandbikeBattle study. We appreciate it very much if you cooperate!