For optimal preparation, it is important that you have a handbike that is completely fine. Elsewhere on this website you will find information about a suitable and safe handbike and also about the other essentials.

We’ve created workout plans for you to use.

Strava has a suitable free app (on your mobile phone) that makes it easy to track the route, speed and distance of the training. In addition, you can indicate per training how long there is training and how heavy the training was (with Borgscore 0-10). You can also compare your performance with previous workouts and others. Heart rate bands and power monitors can be linked to Strava. Strava manuals for different mobile phones can be found on downloads, as well as training logs for if you want to keep track of it on paper.

A decided Strava club has been created per team. Participants and trainers can join this and see each other’s training results. You can create events in this (e.g. joint training sessions), leaderboards and you can give each other instant feedback. For the trainers it is an ideal means to guide their participants well. In addition, the HandbikeBattle study considers how the training size is linked to the performance on the effort test and on the mountain but also with e.g. with injuries.

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More information

  • On you will find all the up-to-date information about handbikes; information about competitions, tours and training groups.
  • The book How to Stay Fit with a Spinal Cord injury? by Linda Valent and Rogier Broeksteeg is a useful book to prepare for an event like the HandbikeBattle. The book can be requested free of charge from the DwarslaesieOrganisation Nederland (DON) for members of the DON. If you are not a member, the book can be ordered for 10 euros (excluding shipping) via the site or ask the authors.