The teams and the participants are responsible for the material. Think of your hand bike, but also flag, seat cushion, bicycle helmet, clothing, spare material and care materials. Make sure this is okay before leaving for Austria! Especially fitting suitable gears – to be able to cycle very lightly – is essential. See the checklist of Ralf Beekers for this.

Mandatory equipment
The handbikes must have a clearly visible flag. This is necessary for visibility in the low handbikes because the trail is plotted on the public road (Kaunertalergletscherstrasse). So you’re just taking part in traffic on game day. In addition, it is mandatory to wear a bicycle helmet if you cycle as a participant or buddy in kaunertal in the week of the HandbikeBattle.
All participants will be given a race tenue and wear this during the race. If the weather suddenly turns around, you can of course wear a raincoat over it. Buddies and others who want to purchase the competitive clothes can order this. We will distribute information about this at the beginning of the new year via social media, the digital newsletter and this website.

Other equipment Keep all types back on the mountain for the other clothing. It is wise to wear multiple layers of clothing in cold/rain. We recommend sportswear and therefore no cotton shirts. Think, for example, of thermal undergarments that absorb the moisture of the skin and a long-sleeved sports sweater over it and a (breathable) sports wind breaker or rain jacket over it.
Your legs can cool down quite well and for that we recommend a (thermal) tight and over it a windproof rain pants. Just to be safe, bring (waterproof) gloves and a good hat or buff. A buff is good to wear under the bike helmet.

On a sunny HandbikeBattle day, a high factor sunscreen is important and an umbrella/parasol to keep the participant out of the sun. Cover the skin with light skin tone or if you’ve already been burned.
Take 3 to 4 water bottles to drink and for the cotton cloths (wet to make) with which you can cool the participant. If necessary, bring a plant syringe for cooling. The water bottles can be refilled at the posts.
Of course, it is important to think as a participant what you need for a sanitary stop, medication etc. Because of the match stress, it’s easy to forget something. Discuss it with your buddy!

Materials buddy
All participants are required to cycle up with a buddy. It is not allowed to cycle in a handbike because he will not be able to intervene if necessary.
The buddy must also have the material and the clothes in order. Only then can he or she take full care of the participant. There is medical and material support on the mountain but it may take a while before they are on site. It is therefore wise to bring materials such as bicycle straps, duct tape etc. as a buddy – in addition to any additional care materials for the participant. The buddies are required to wear a bicycle helmet.

Technical support
In the week of the HandbikeBattle there is a team of RD Mobility and Frontline in Austria. Their technical support is only intended for unexpected problems with the material! Read more about technical support.