Hand bikers who are not part of a rehabilitation team can register as an individual participant.

The online registration is from January 1st (on this form). A limited number (45) of starting certificates is available to individual participants. Since we’re fully booked, we use a waiting list.¬† Signing up still makes sense! We know that participants will drop out in the coming months and then we will replenish the list with people who are on the waiting list.

The entire process of registration and medical screening is in the document Procedure individual participants HandbikeBattle.

Once registrered and not on the waiting list, you’ll get an invitation to fill out your medical records in Sportvitalit. The medical screening data must be in no later than March 15th and the registration fee (85 euros) before january 15th.  

If you are later than the deadlines, you will be at the bottom of the waiting list and your registration will be compromised. The provisional invitation to tender shall be final after the consultation and control of:

  • Medical screening data (no later than March 15th): see Medical screening
  • Copy of your rating
  • Payment registration fee (85 euros) via NL82RABO0386153639 to Stichting Handbike Events, compared to participant HandbikeBattle and first name and last name participant before january 15th.

Participants who unsubscribe before March 1st will receive the registration fee minus 40 euros administration and Sportvitalit costs. If you unsubscribe after March 1st, the racing shirts will be ordered and you will not get the registration fee back. Of course you’ll get the shirt.

The costs for participation include:

  • Match participation (care posts and medical support)
  • Race tenue (racing shirt)
  • Transport of hand bike and participants back to start
  • Finisher shirt

The entire procedure for the registration, and medical screening of individual participants is described in a separate document.

PLEASE NOTE: in 2023 we will strictly adhere to all deadlines for registration, payment and medical screening. If you do not comply, you cannot participate. This also applies to the medical screening of foreign participants who can’t have de medical screening in the Neteherlands: this will be on Monday afternoon 20 June in Austria. 

Final ranking
From the 2023 edition, we will separate the team participants and the individual participants for the final classification. Read more about this in the competition rules.

Each individual participant is required to cycle up with a buddy. The buddy is not allowed to cycle in a handbike because he can’t intervene quickly enough if necessary. The buddy doesn’t have to register and doesn’t pay registration fee.