To participate in the HandbikeBattle, you need to be classified. The classification will see if you have a minimal disability to fall into one of the five handbike classes. The class will be on your license.

Screening teams
The team participants are classified in one day in their own rehabilitation center. All team participants must be present. In the absence or illness, the participant reports on time and he or she makes an appointment to be fitted into the classification schedule of another rehabilitation centre.

Screening of individual participants
The individual participants make an appointment for classification themselves. There will be an overview of days, times and locations (different rehabilitation centers, spread across the country) for the classification. Individual participants can register for those times and locations. Mail to for this. Do this as soon as possible!

Screening in Austria
Only foreign participants can be classified in the week of the HandbikeBattle in Austria.

We distinguish the following classes for handbiking:

  • H1: arm profile: (a) limited connection arm hull and (b) restriction arm/aand. Hull profile: (a) complete limitation hull/no hull function.
  • H2: arm profile: (a) limited connection arm-hull and/or only (b) restriction arm/hand. Hull profile: (a) complete hull restriction/no hull function.
  • H3.1: arm profile: no restriction. Hull profile: (a) complete limitation hull MRC grade 2.
  • H3.2: arm profile: no restriction. Hull profile: (a) limitation hull MRC-grade 3/restriction connection hull-pelvis.
  • H4: arm profile: no restriction. Hull profile: (a) (almost) no limitation hull MRC grade 4/5 and (almost) no restriction of connection hull basin, (b) limiting connection legs pelvis.
  • H5: arm profile: no restriction. Hull profile: (a) no restriction hull; (b) limited/no restriction connection leg/legs pelvis. Minimal disability: lower leg amputation.

In general, participants in the H1 class experience the most restriction during hand biking and participants in the H5 class the fewest. Per participant, we look at which class is best suited.

More information about the classification can be found on the KNWU website and on the website of