January 30, 2020

Registration individual participants edition 2020

The registration for the individual participants is open! Sign up here! If you have submitted the online form, you will immediately receive confirmation via email.

The number of available starting certificates for individual participants is (provisional) 44. This has everything to do with safety on the trail. Unlike other years, we raffled the starting tickets among the people who signed up between 12:00 and 0.00 on 1 January. All the people who have signed with have since been notified. Registration is not transferable.

There are currently 9 people on the waiting list. As soon as participants lose weight, we’ll put someone off the waiting list. 14 people have now moved from the waiting list to the list of individual participants.

We hope that – like other years – we will eventually be able to put all the people off the waiting list! You can still sign up at the moment; we’ll put you at the bottom of the waiting list and you really still have a chance to participate!

The entire process of registration and medical screening is on the individual ly in the document Procedure individual participants HandbikeBattle 2020 .